The Support Program for the Translation and Publication of Brazilian Authors Abroad resumed its usual flow in 2021. The adaptation to the new working conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the reformulation of the team responsible for the Program, has been excellent opportunities to review the 30 years of its realization by the Brazilian National Library Foundation.

Carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Translation Program aims to provide financial support to foreign publishers that wish to translate into any language, publish and distribute abroad, in the form of a printed or digital book, works by Brazilian authors previously published in Portuguese in Brazil.

From 1991 to 2019 – period before the current Public Announcement – 1114 translation grants were awarded and approved, which in its entirety fulfill the mission of the Translation Program to disseminate the Brazilian culture and literature abroad.

The list of the 10 authors whose work most received grants combines classic with contemporary books, demonstrating eclecticism in the dissemination of Brazilian literature and intellectual production.

Of a total of 350 authors contemplated by the Program, Clarice Lispector is the most translated, with 60 works, 50 of them published globally in the last ten years, which demonstrates the growing interest by the author.

With regard to the supported literary genres, between 2010 and 2019, fiction books received 658 translation grants, followed by non-fiction (132), poetry (73), children and youth literature (58), comic books (29) and theater (9). The figures prove the versatility of the Program and the concern of the National Library Foundation to disseminate internationally the Brazilian literature in its breadth and different facets.

The language and the country of destination are fundamental aspects for the promotion and dissemination of Brazilian culture and literature abroad to produce positive and effective results. In this sense, the European continent has secured the largest share of concessions, with Spain and France being the countries that received the most financial support between 1991 and 2019 (126 scholarships each), followed by Italy (107) and Germany (103). The Americas then appear, with emphasis on Argentina (78) and the United States (67).

Regarding the languages for which Brazilian works have been translated with the support of the National Library Foundation, Spanish tops the list with 224 grants between 2010 and 2019. English is the second most translated language, with 106 money grants. The list follows with French (104), German (97) and Italian (88).

We summarize the results of the Support Program for the Translation and Publication of Brazilian Authors Abroad between the years 1991 and 2019 with the following graphs:

The 2018-2020 Public Announcement, extended until December 22, 2021, was certainly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the staff to slow down activities and adapt the processes to remote work. Fifty-three projects have selected to receive financial support. The results can be seen in the following links:

Results of the Translation Program (Notice 2018-2020): https://www.bn.gov.br/en/public-notice/2018/support-program-translation-and-publication-brazilian

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The cultural influences in Brazil, and in the Western civilization as a whole, spread by travelers and immigrants from Arabic-speaking countries are plentiful. Spoken by more than 280 million people as their mother tongue – in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and North Africa – Arabic is the official language of 26 countries, staying behind only to English and French. Among the various variants of the language, Egyptian Arabic is the most spoken and understood worldwide.

The cultural exchanges established between Brazil and Egypt are long-standing, since D. Pedro II (1825-1891) had great curiosity and admiration for the Middle East, and especially for Ancient Egypt. In the book entitled, “The travels of D. Pedro II: Middle East and North Africa, 1871 and 1876”, Roberto Khatlab presents the impressions recorded by the Emperor of Brazil in his diaries on the two expeditions he made to Egypt – of which he brought historical artifacts, maps, books and photos of trips that contributed to the composition of the largest Egyptian collection in Latin America. In the book, the brazilian researcher explains that D. Pedro II was knowledgeable in more than seventeen languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, English and French, and saw linguistic studies as a factor in strengthening communication with foreigners.

D.Pedro II in one of his expedictions to Egypt in the 1870s.

In the year that marks the sesquicentennial of the first expedition of D. Pedro II to Egypt (1871), the Translation Program of the National Library Foundation makes an account of the cultural cooperation established between the Brazilian government and four Egyptian publishers through the granting of 12 translation grants between the years 2012 and 2018 for the dissemination of Brazilian literature in Arabic.

Founded in 2007 as an independent publisher, the editorial department of the Sphinx Literary Agency aimed, from its inception, to create an efficient way to promote books in the publishing market. In this way, it developed what is now considered one of the most important international literature publishers in the Arab world with more than 200 titles translated into the language. With the support of FBN, Sphinx has published five works that reveal some of the versatility of its catalog. In 2013, it published classics such as “Esaú e Jacó” (1904), by Machado de Assis and “Canaã” (1902), by Graça Aranha. Then, in 2015, it published three children’s books “O menino que achou uma estrela” (1988), by Marina Colasanti; “O consumo” (2011), by Cristina Von; “Você conhece a Joana?” (2012), by Maria Eugenia.

With more than 190 titles published on politics, cultural history and literature, Sefsafa Publishing was established in 2009. With almost 80 translations of 15 languages in its catalog, from Brazil the Egyptian publisher translated three classics of what is considered by many critics, scholars and voters the biggest name of the Brazilian literature, Machado de Assis. In 2017, it published “Várias histórias” (1896); two years later, in 2019, it launched “Memórias póstumas de Brás Cubas” (1881); more recently, in 2020, it brought to the Arabi languagec the most famous of Machado de Assis’s 10 novels, “Dom Casmurro” (1889).

“Várias histórias”, by Machado de Assis

With more than forty years of existence, El Arabi Publishing was founded in the bustling city of Cairo in 1975 and has more than 1000 titles in its catalog of the most different areas of knowledge: mass communication, libraries, stories, arts, literature and children’s books. With three translations of Brazilian literature among its publications, El Arabi’s editorial choices reveal a look at the contemporary, more specifically at female names that continue Brazilian literary production’s high quality in the present. In this sense, in 2014, it published “Sinfonia em Branco” (2001), by Adriana Lisboa; two years later, in 2016, it released Patricia Melo’s “Ladrão de Cadáveres” (2010); in 2019, it published “A chave de casa” (2007), by Tatiana Salem Levy.

“Ladrão de cadáveres”, by Patrícia Melo
Tatiana Salem Levy exhibiting her work translated into Arabic

Also more than forty years working in the Egyptian publishing market, Mars El Arabia translated into Arabic and published, in 2020, “A resistência” (2015), by Julián Fuks. Considered by the author as a work of “fictional biography”, the book won the Jabuti Prize in 2016 (in the categories “Romance” and “Book of the Year Fiction”), as well as the José Saramago Literary Prize in 2017.

Julián Fuks holding his work translated into Arabic

With the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the organization of the Brazilian Embassy in Cairo, Tatiana Salem Levy and Julián Fuks visited this city in the context of the Cairo International Book Fair, in January 2020. The two exponents of the contemporary Brazilian literature participated in an event at the Public Library of Greater Cairo, as well as the symposium “The Constitution”: Brazilian literature as a mirror for the diaspora of exiles (hosted by the Egyptian newspaper Al-Dustour) 

Promotion of the event with the two Brazilian authors at the Public Library of Greater Cairo


Entry on Arabic language. In: Wikipedia. Available at: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%C3%ADngua_%C3%A1rabe

Escritor brasileiro Julián Fuks: “Mil e uma noites” foi o meu talento. In: Al-Dustour, February 01st 2020. Available at: https://www.dostor.org/2988711

KHATLAB, Roberto. As viagens de D. Pedro II: Oriente Médio e África do Norte, 1871 e 1876. Benvirá Publishing, 2015.

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Tatiana Salem Levy e Julián Fuks no simpósio “A Constituição”: a Literatura Brasileira como Espelho para a Diáspora de Exilados. In: Al-Dustour, January 27th, 2020. Available at: https://www.dostor.org/2982878

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FBN announces the list of eligible applications for the III Evaluation Meeting

BT com margem corThe list of eligible projects is already available and can be checked here.  The Program has had almost 100 applications for this round from 29 countries .  The III Evaluation Meeting 2015-2017 will take place on April, 20th.

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Programme d’Aide à la Traduction et à la Publication d’ Auteurs Brésiliens à l’Étranger (2015 – 2017)

La Fondation Bibliothèque nationale du Brésil a lancé l’appel à projets pour le Programme d’aide à la traduction et à la publication d’auteurs brésiliens à l’étranger pour les années 2015 à 2017.

Le programme offrira une aide financière aux maisons d’édition étrangères qui souhaitent traduire, publier et distribuer à l’étranger des ouvrages d’auteurs brésiliens déjà publiés au Brésil.

Une aide financière pouvant s’élever jusqu’à 8 000 dollars pour des projets de traduction et de publication inédits, et jusqu’à 4 000 dollars pour des projets de réédition, sera octroyée.

Plusieurs réunions d’évaluation de projets auront lieu au cours de la période de deux ans allant de 2015 à 2017. La première échéance pour la réception d’inscriptions est prévue le 29 juillet prochain.

Pour accéder à la traduction en français du texte de l’appel à projets cliquez ici.

L’avis original, en portugais et en anglais, est disponible à l’adresse suivante : www.bn.br

IMPORTANT: les inscriptions ne seront acceptés qu’en portugais ou en anglais.

BT com margem cor

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Grants for Translation and Publication of Brazilian Literature are available

A new version of the public notice for the Support Program for theTranslation and Publication of Brazilian Authors Abroad has been released.

The first evaluation meeting is scheduled for August 12th 2015. Foreign publishers that wish to publish books by Brazilian authors may apply for grants until May 2017.  From now on publishers from Portuguese speaking countries are also eligible for grants.

The deadline for the first evaluation meeting is July 29th. But, Publishers may apply all year long for the next meeting.

The public notice and the application forms are available here.

BT com margem cor

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Grants to help take Brazilian writers to attend literary events abroad are available

The 2015 version of the Exchange Program for Brazilian Author has been released.

Until August 13th, publishers and cultural institutions may apply for grants to help take Brazilian writers to attend literary events abroad.

The events must be held in the period between September 20th and December 10th 2015, and the applicants are eligible for grants of up to USD 2,000.
Click the image below to read the public notice.

logo intercambio vinho e azul

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The last few days to apply for a grant!

The April 3rd is the deadline to apply for a grant offered by the Support Program for Translation and Publication of Brazilian Authors. The sixth Selection Meeting has become April 17th and will consider and assess project proposals have presented since the day October 21, 2014.

Applications received after midnight of April 3rd, 2015 will be evaluated at the first Selection Meeting of a new set of guidelines scheduled to be launched in May 2015.

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New issue of Machado de Assis Magazine was launched at 35th Salon du Livre in Paris.

revista machado 6 gA new issue of Machado de Assis Magazine – Brazilian Literature in Translation is already online. The magazine’s 6th issue was launched last Friday, March 20, at the 35th Salon du Livre in Paris providing readers with 22 Brazilian authors in
French, Spanish or English.
Machado de Assis Magazine offers access and free download to more than 100 writer’s texts. It is an initiative of the Brazilian National Library Foundation and Itaú Cultural to disseminate and encourage the publishing of Brazilian literature abroad. Literary agents, translators, researchers and students interested in Brazilian culture will find an excellent information source.
Since the first number, launched in 2012, until January 2015 the Magazine has drawn the attention of 722,557 visitors and generated 44,611 downloads.

Acess the link below and check the texts of this number and the past issues.

Nuevo número de Machado de Assis Magazine se  ha lanzado en el 35 Salón del Libro de París.

El número 6 de la revista Machado de Assis Magazine – Literatura Brasileña en Traducción ya está en línea. En este número – presentado el viernes pasado 20 de marzo en el stand del Brasil en el 35º Salón del libro de París – el lector tiene acceso a textos seleccionados de 22 autores brasileños en español, francés o Inglés.

La revista Machado de Assis Magazine ofrece acceso y descarga gratuita a más de 100 textos de escritores. Es una iniciativa de la Fundación Biblioteca Nacional de Brasil y el Itaú Cultural para difundir y fomentar la publicación de la literatura brasileña en el extranjero. Agentes literarios, traductores, investigadores y estudiantes interesados en la cultura brasileña y su literatura consideran Machado de Assis Magazine como una excelente fuente de información.

Desde el primer número lanzado en 2012 hasta enero de 2015 ha registrado 722.557 visitantes y 44.611 descargas.

Acceda el enlace abajo y compruebe el contenido de este número y todos los demás textos de las ediciones pasadas.


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Exchange Program for Brazilian Authors 2014

The National Library Foundation has launched the Exchange Program for Brazilian Authors for 2014. Until 9 June, foreign publishers and foreign cultural institutions may apply for grants to cover travel expenses of Brazilian authors.

The deadlines for application are:

For trips from  20th April to 31st July 2014: submit applications by 10th March 2014.
For trips from 1st Aug to 31st Dec 2014: submit applications by 9th June 2014.

Any foreign publishers that have already published works by Brazilian authors or those that have acquired the publication rights and wish to promote them by bringing their authors to international literary events can apply for this grant.

Foreign cultural institutions (such as cultural centres, universities and literary festivals) that wish to host literary events with the presence of Brazilian authors may also apply.

Click here to read the announcement. intercambio ingles
Application form.

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Machado de Assis Magazine: Discovering Brazilian Literature. Silviano Santiago: Blot (excerpt)

MAM1capaAuthor | Autor: Silvano Santiago
Translated by Susan C. Quinlan

To Joca, with thanks

For many years I forgot. I had forgotten this for so many years that I purged from my memory the fact I’m going to tell. I apparently purged it. The most ordinary form of innocence is to believe that pretending is integral to one’s psychological life. Yesterday I pretended and today I’m paying the price. I pretended nothing had happened that noontime, in a restaurant n the city of Fort Worth, Texas. Nothing had happened on that day in early January 1963, after a long and tiring bus trip from New Orleans, Louisiana to Albuquerque, New Mexico. After having spent Christmas and New Year’s far from home, overseas, together with a couple from Minas Gerais. After having mixed the festive coziness of a fraternal group of fellow countrymen with the lonesomeness of the bus that cut horizontally through the flooded, humid lands of Louisiana, and the endless Texas prairies. After having left a subtropical and humid region, the air inside the bus turned insidiously dry thanks to the heating system on board — a dryness drier than bonedry made even drier by the very dryness of those never-ending lands. A dryness worthy of Brasília that I only came to know some ten years later. Something so bad occurred in the restaurant in Fort Worth that my memory remains scarred. The scar remains as the sentry of my consciousness. This sentry guards the tomb of the event, as if it were merely out on a stroll, that is, without uniform and without any formal obligation to report to a higher order, the so-called ego. I want to get to the fact that lies buried under the skin and hair of my memory, I will get there through the mortifying memoirs that encircle the scar, through it’s living body that sparkles but is not gold. I will try to reprogram the profundity of that old pain by going through the scar under the cover of this narrative.(read here the complete excerptMachado de Assis Magazine)

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